Hi, My name is Amy Surey and welcome to my blog!

I love being creative, whether its sewing, card making, jewellery or a new craft which I’ve never tried before! My first real passion for crafting started with sewing at a very young age. I had my own hand held Singer Sewing machine and I would spend hours creating miniature clothes for my dolls!

I soon began using patterns and making clothes for myself and pencil cases which I then sold to my friends at school, it was not long until everyone had something I had made! I loved textiles and continued my passion through college and then to university where I studied Fashion and Textile Management. As I carved my career in buying I gradually had less time to craft but I reignited my love for crafts when I got married in 2009 when suddenly I needed my creative skills to plan my wedding day! I loved it so much I didn’t stop crafting after my wedding and decided I would help other brides to design and create their wedding stationery and so http://www.boutiquecrafts.co.ukwas born.

As I practiced and learnt card making skills for Boutique Crafts my office turned into a crafting room full of new and exciting craft materials and tools. I knew that I officially got my crafting bug back and I would never need to buy another greeting card again. I find it much more personal to be able to give a handmade card, where thought and care goes into all the details.

When I am not card making for friends or weddings, I love to create gifts to sell on craft stalls. I sell mainly at Christmas craft fairs which tend to be popular. I started with sock monkeys back in 2010 and I still get requests for them! Other popular items I have sold are coasters, notice boards, fabric covered note books and Jewellery. I enjoy making gifts which are practical yet unique. I often get told at fairs that I have a pretty handwriting. I think that comes from my passion for print design and the way I enjoy combining designs and colours with trims.

Becoming a PDT member for do crafts is my most recent adventure in my crafting experience. I was invited to join the PDT team having built up a varied gallery of crafts on the do crafts website. I am now also a freelance designer for the do crafts creativity magazine.

I hope to enjoy and share my crafting experiences with many more craft-a-holics like myself!


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